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Demos and Samples:


Commercial VO Reel 2021Leonard J. Moore II
00:00 / 00:47
Animation DemoLeonard J. Moore II
00:00 / 01:05

Other Samples:

Commercial SampleLeonard J. Moore II
00:00 / 00:22
Acting SampleLeonard J. Moore II
00:00 / 00:38
Corporate SampleLeonard J. Moore II
00:00 / 00:22

About Me!

Really putting the 'Nerd' in Le-NERD!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated with voice over. I grew up mesmerized by the awesome voices of Mel Blanc, Phil LaMarr, Nancy Cartwright, Frank Welker, Monica Rial, Tara Strong,  Jim Cummings, Peter Cullen to name a few.


Though at the time I just knew them as Bugs Bunny, Static Shock, Bart Simpson, Scooby Doo, Bulma, Timmy Turner, Winnie the Pooh, and Optimus Prime.


These people and their voices gave me a friend when I didn’t have one, and they inspired me to one day be that person for someone else. 


I am a proud SAG/AFTRA and NAVA member based in Los Angeles, along with being a 2023 Brad Venable finalist at the SOVAS That’s Voiceover! Career Expo. I also have my BFA in Theatre and BA in Psychology from Florida International University.


I am an incredibly versatile African American voice actor with an age range from young adult to mature parent. My voice has an incredibly extensive 3 octave range from F-sharp falsetto in the soprano range all the way down to F-sharp baritone. When speaking, I tend to use a delightful blend of tones, creating a truly unique, expressive, and relatable “guy next door”. However, my greatest asset is my ability to not only take direction, but then execute it seamlessly.


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and I look forward to seeing you in the booth 🎧 


Vocal Styles

Fun, Friendly, Exciting, Conversational, Urban, Upbeat, Confident,





ADR / Dubbing




Mics: RODE NT1 Condenser

Software: Adobe Audition, Source Connect Now 

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